Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First off days

addie: ohmygod, check out this awesome floor plan I drew!
me: for us?
addie: no, for the house in my story.
me: your story?
addie: yeah!
me: aren't you supposed to be writing your story? that's like, the 5th floor plan or revised outline you've showed me in the last 3 days.
addie: well--
me: are you just looking for ways to distract yourself? "oh chapter one? no, first check out this awesome birth certificate I made for my main character. I need it for my plot"
addie: "I carved his silohette out of wood"
me: "I mapped out his entire DNA pattern!" 

ughhhh these last few days. We're both re-dic-u-lus-ly distracted.  I've fallen into that "wow, I'd rather re-grout the bathroom than write" trap.

But, tomorrow, we go back to Northern Va for a week, and then it's back to the (hopefully way more focused) grind. 

and I get to see this ball of sunshine and light:

My wiggly wuvly Lucy Monster! 

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