Friday, January 25, 2013

Thanks for the time at home, KHAAAN!

Ice Storm Khan, January 2013.

haha, so I definitely think naming winter storms that aren't blizzards is pretty ridiculous. But, naming this ice-mageddon in a manner that makes me think of Star Trek awesomness is pretty much Tops in my book.

But yeah, it's pretty cold. Like 25* and not getting any warmer cold. And there are workmen re-tiling our front hall, so they have all the doors open, letting frozen tundra inside. I'm dressed in about 65 layers. Even the animals are huddling together for warmth:

Thanks to our terribly ineffective HOA, our neighborhood didn't get plowed or salted yesterday, and as as result, the roads are all covered in black ice. So I'm working from home today, which is awesome. Mostly because it means I get to stay in bed catching up on Boardwalk Empire while I do document research. But, mostly I'm happy because this morning I got spared the terrible "Getting Ready for Work When It's Freezing" routine.

You know, that routine when you wake up motivated to take a shower, but as soon as you get out of bed your feet freeze to your socks and you instantly put on another t-shirt and a hoodie, fat pants, a hat and those ridiculous slippers that you'd never admit to owning in public but that keep your feet almost too toasty? But after sitting down with your coffee you realize that showering is important because you have to be in public today. So you convince yourself to get upstairs, get undressed and get in the shower, and suddenly Life is Glorious. Standing under the hot water, it's all good. But then the shower is over and suddenly you're covered in a sheet of ice. So you run back to your bedroom and pop under the covers to stop the hypothermia from setting in, except since you've gotten out of bed your warm spot has been replaced by ICY COLD SPOT so you have to bear a few moments of arctic temps. And then, when you've cocooned yourself for 20 minutes longer than you said you would and you're now officially running late for work, it's time to get dressed. So you have to do slowly de-layer yourself, taking baby steps so that only one part of you is undressed at a time, or else you'll get frost bite? And can we talk about the joy of pulling cold pants over cold, dry skin? It's like pulling silk the wrong way up wood grain.

ok, maybe all of that's an exaggeration. And yes, just two weeks ago in Sydney, getting ready was a terrible ordeal because it was so hot, as soon as you got out of the shower you started sweating again, so you'd have to stand in front of a fan for like, half an hour, and even then, no matter how well you dried yourself, you stuck to your clothes.

Well, what we can take away from this entire post is I'M NEVER HAPPY.

Except on work from home days.

Back to the grind.

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