Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Did I Do That?

I've been pretty brain dead these past few days. 

I can't wake up on time, can't remember to put my car in first gear when I stop, can't brush my teeth without dripping toothpaste down my dress, can't stay awake during conversation, can't keep track of what I'm writing after a few sentences, can't comprehend anything my supervisors try to teach me, can't figure out why I feel like a greasy pile of fail (oh, right, because I ate a large pizza all by myself). Like, this has been me since Friday: 

And, as I'm trying to fill this post out, I don't know why I even started. I have even less to say than usual. It's definitely not "baby brain" (unless being pregnant with a pizza baby will make me act especially special). Maybe I just need to go to bed early tonight.


Be back soon, everyone! I have a whole stack of riveting topics like, the state of the internet, the new bed lifts I installed, RuPaul, and my job, or How to Tell If You Are a Gov't Employee. Hold on to your butts, guys.


Kim said...

I feel your pain. wait did I just fall asleep while writing this???

Katherine Goff said...

Soooo I have a penguin you can hug. will that help?

Lancey Pants said...

The only one of these i can help you w/ (as i have some of the same problems) -

Brush your teeth BEFORE getting dressed.

zbhagat said...

Agree with Lance, I learned to brush my teeth before getting dressed the hard way.

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