Sunday, January 13, 2013


While I was on vacation, I had the following chat with Mary:

Mary: Got a story to tell you.
8:04 PM Bill Purray, most likely is a hermaphrodite
8:07 PM me: Haha, I can see that. What makes you think so?
8:09 PM Mary: The vet said. He was feeling around and couldn't feel balls. So he flipped bill over and couldn't find a penis.
  HAPPY NEW YEAR! Your cats a hermaphrodite!
 me: Couldnt find a penis?
8:10 PM Really?
  Could he just be a girl?
8:11 PM Mary: Yup. Tried to push it out and said he has a vulva.
 me: So he's a girl
 Mary: With a ball sack
8:12 PM me: An empty ball sack
  And a vulva
  No penis
 Mary: Yup. He said that if bill goes into season in the next couple months we will know.
8:13 PM me: Whoa! How awesome!
 Mary: Only you!
 me: I have a science cat!
  Ms. Purray

So, hey, that's something--my Bill Purray, a hermaphro-cat! I'm pretty sure it has something to do with him being an in-bred stray, but he definitely has female and male parts, is aggressive like a male, and pees likes a female. It's my own little she-malé.

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited about this. I need to join some kind of trans-gendered kitty fan group. Then I can be a P-FLAG mom like Debbie from Queer as Folk and put a bumper sticker on my car that says something like "my cat's other penis is a vulva."

"Genitalia is just God's way of accessorizing."

Oh, Bill Purray. I'll never judge you. 

Born this way.

BRB, gonna go pick out some work clothes for the new job I'm starting tomorrow, and do some research on transgender kitty groups. The excitement never stops!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Ah Sweet Billie Jean Purray....Does this mean That I get to join a grandmother of gender confused kitty cats?? I already have the crazy hair....
Good luck today!!!

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