Sunday, January 29, 2012

Re-Arranging Thangs

This weekend consisted of me sorting, organizing and rearranging things.

Oh, and on Friday, buying things on my lunch break. But I blame that on my office manager being a bad influence on me. Definitely not blaming the beer we had at lunch.

I scored this adorable dress:

tea pots! and pockets!
and these awesome vintage boots:

And since I spent the last of my Christmas money, I decided I'd make up for it by writing all night on Friday.

But first, I had to re-tool Mary's save the date card. And then I had to pick up around the cellar. And then I had to take a shower and paint my nails and run to the grocery store and change the oil in my car and vacuum under the fridge and finish the 800 million tasks I always find looming whenever I decide I'm going to sit down and write.

And in the midst of all the cleaning, Addie decided he wanted to rearrange the furniture by switching writing nooks. This was mostly a case for inspiring a sudden burst of creativity. However, this might also have the opposite effect, so we'll just have to see.

So we spent all last night and most of today cleaning up from re-arranging.

And I've been watching The Only Way to Essex, which is like Jersey Shore meets The Hills and set in England. (i.e., awesome.) and Portlandia and Downton Abbey. Pretty solid TV viewing.

We also broke out Addie's deep fryer, and were choked out of the cellar by obnoxious frying fumes.

But totally worth it for deep fried oreos.

you are so odd looking. and so delicious.
And Addie perfected his Audrey impersonation:

"I'm Audrey and I wear head scarves and earrings and I read and I have a Fancy Computer"
"I eat Ramen so much I keep it in my office oh wait let me read this to you and tell you a story about it I'm Audrey"

But speaking of ramen, I just made some, and after two bites I determined that it definitely tasted like soap.

So disappointing.


Kim said...

Dad wanted to let Addie know that the scarf he was wearing is in fact MINE and that it is important for a guy to recognize stuff that belongs to his wife, girlfriend, partner, whatever. Oh and great imprsonation.

Audrey said...

it was hard to be mad at him when he was actually, and ashamedly, spot on. I have only my awesome self to blame.

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