Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Bolognese and Bangs

"Do one thing everyday that scares you."

Thank you, Eleanor Roosevelt.

what a fox!

My only New Year's Resolution this year was live by this cliched refrigerator magnet saying, because, really, deep down, we all secretly love to live by cliched refrigerator magnet sayings (another good one:)
So far it's only been about 18 days into the new year and I've only lived by my resolution like, twice. I mean, believe me, there's nothing scary about hanging out on my futon in my fat pants watching John Adams, not showering, playing video games and drinking lattes all day. In fact, that's an Audrey Kinda Day.

So, yes. This week, I've been much better.

Monday, I engaged in a confrontation that had been weighing on me for a while, and the results were relatively positive. And that's all I can say about it in the blog world.

Tuesday, I decided, on a whim, to make the Bolognese sauce I've read about so many times on M Cubed, the blog written by my sister's god-brother's wife, Mandy (seriously). Mandy is a fellow English Major and crafting and cooking wunderkid who shares my strange, nervous affection for Nucky Thompson.

I've been putting off making the bolognese because I didn't think I'd be able to make a meat sauce without my mom standing behind me and coaching me the entire time. But, on Tuesday, seized by strange motivation (and probably the fact that it was pay day and the fridge was empty), I trekked down to the super uppity Fresh Market and picked up all the ingredients. Addie was at work all night, and I was determined to be an adult and make adult food.

And except for a slight time-snag causing us to eat at midnight, (it helps to read the entire recipe, including cooking time, otherwise you might start chopping vegetables at 9 PM before you realize that the sauce simmers for 45 minutes. whoops.) the meal was victorious. I even made my own garlic bread. I am a champion.

I am also the world's slowest vegetable chopper. An hour into it, I realized I was using a bread knife, which might have been why it took so long. I am a champion. I also don't have a Dutch Oven (ahem, Mom), so I had to make due with a deep skillet. Champion.

90 minutes worth of effort. also, the onions burned my retinas into a crisp.

delicious simmering sauce

Julia Child

The station, complete with recipe board

finished product! With home made garlic bread bites

We both ate until we were incapacitated with food coma. It was glorious. I've never had bolognese with so many different flavors and levels of awesome. I also got a pro-tip from my brother Shayne, and added some paprika to the garlic bread mixture--and DAMN that's good. 

So yes, trying out a new recipe that actually involved effort was a delicious and empowering experience, and I want to keep trying new things. I need to remember how much fun it is to actually produce something. Well, fun and tasty.

Wednesday, otherwise known as today, I got a hair transformation.

I got bangs.


I haven't had real, undeniable, hanging just above your line of sight bangs since I was 13. This is quite the shock. But, I was in talented hands, the hair transformation was free (a sweet gift), and I am glad to have a completely new look for the first time since... maybe 2006 when I chopped it all off in a Victoria Beckham style inverted bob.

As soon as I saw the inches of dead blonde and red hair hit the floor, I started to miss it. And as soon as he made the first cut on my bangs, my heart stopped a little. I don't know why getting some face fringe was such a debilitating experience, but it was. And I absolutely don't recognize myself anymore. But it's slowly growing on me. Literally and metaphorically.

Before and After
saying goodbye to the White Trash Lion's Mane
the salon's mascot, Schwartz

Also, the pool is starting at $5 that I won't be able to get my bangs decent looking on my own.


Also also, coming up tomorrow, a guest blog from my dear buddy Odie.


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Kim said...

Dad also thinks that you look like Ann Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada..or as he put it "That girl in that show we watched that has that actress you like that we watched on TV." What? Abby from NCIS? Lilly from HIMYM? You've got to give me more to go on! And then he just blurted out The Devil Wears Prada!! (It was an hour later...but I am still proud!)

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