Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Irrational Fears

Maybe it's the slight fever I'm running, or maybe it's the emergency vicodin I took, or maybe even it's the fact that I'm alone in the basement, but I just heard a really "cute" hi-pitched voice talking about how we all needed to snuggle more.

Confused, I turned around to see the TV and make sure I wasn't inadvertently watching Nick Kids or something.

This was on, talking about snuggling in a high pitched voice:


When did the Snuggle Bear get so creepy?

I had to change the channel because I was so irrationally sketched out by the bear who wants only to make my clothes soft and snuggly and fresh smelling, and the next channel had the same commercial, in almost the SAME SPOT from where I changed it. And then I got back to my desk and saw that I have a bottle of Snuggle sitting by my computer desk. AND THE BEAR IS ON IT.

Literally my first thought was, I can't get away from this bear.

I was steps away from putting the bottle of snuggle outside before it occurred to me that I'm just a little brain fried right now and therefore prone to bouts of insanity.

It reminds me if when I was a kid. I was traumatized by the Child's Play movies, and for years I could only sleep if my light was on and if all my toys were lined up outside my closet so I could keep an eye on them. You know, in case they came alive and tried to kill me in the middle of the night. 

I was a weird kid.

Unrelated, I just heard a commercial for Cover Girl True Blend, and heard "Cover Girl True Blood" three times.

I think it's bed time.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

He's horrible and gives me rashes. so I agree.

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