Thursday, February 27, 2014

Audrey Turner, budding Paleontologist

I have been lugging around with me a little file rack filled with keepsake papers to everywhere I've lived, and I haven't looked through it, maybe since high school. Last night, though, I was in a THROW EVERYTHING AWAY fit, and I sat down with the box, preparing to ravage it with my PMS-fueled feng-shui. 

From my 1st grade home school "Feelings Book" where I answered What do you like most about yourself with "I am P." to a 3rd grade notebook filled with stories and drawing of aliens who were trying to abduct me at night, to a 6th grade note pad full of "poems" about the boy who broke my heart, I ended up not throwing anything away--everything was amazing.  

However, nothing was as amazing as this, this 9 year old's guide to dinosaurs, the most definitive dinosaur book you'll ever need: 

Dinosaur Pictre Book
by Audrey Turner
(original title [as seen in a fury of erasings] The Life of Dinosaurs, with actevetys [activities?]) 

Just in case you thought that water was grass or something. 

um, brb, I'm dying.

this guy got his own centerfold

Not sure why, but this steggy has some serious Feels going on.

Whoa! Capter 2! Once again, a helpful note, in case you thought that fish was a sock or something.

These came from the Flying Animals with Severe Scoliosis archives

Um, who could forget the  most famous flying animal ever, the Starfish. 

I think this chased me in a nightmare once. 

The end! The erased title was "How to Draw a Dinosaur." Clearly I didn't think
anyone else could hack it. 

Some of you might be wondering, where is the velociraptor? And the answer is, I was only 9. At the time, my favorite dinosaur was the Brontosaurus--so much my favorite that when someone corrected me and said it's a brachiosaurus, not a brontosaurus, I refused to comply. Also, at 9, the dinosaur books I had didn't touch too much on velociraptors. 

At this point in my life, it would be 6 more months until that fateful day, when my parents and their friends took us to see Jurassic Park, and the velociraptor stole my heart. With it's Giant Hooked Claw. 

Also, also, I'm not sure when my Good Spelling gene FINALLY kicked in, but thank God it did. 

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Kim said...

I remember that book!! So sweet!! And somewhere I have your bookmark that you made in your DARE class before your spelling gene kicked in.."NO BRUGS FOR ME!!"

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