Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Digs (or, home again home again, jiggidy jigg)

So, I moved back into my parent's house over the weekend, and I'll be here for the next 6 months.

But Audrey, you're all asking, didn't you just move out like, 5 minutes ago?

Yes. Yes I did. And there's a slew of reasons as to why I moved out so suddenly, but I'll get into them later.

But I did stay up til 5 AM on Saturday packing everything in the condo, and then spent 7 AM to 7 PM moving to Gainesville and dropping off furniture. By the time I got home and finished unloading the last of brick a brack from my mom's truck, I was beyond sore and exhausted. I'm ready to just throw everything I own into a donation pile for the Lupus Foundation of America so my next move is done in 4 hours.

At 4 AM. On the verge of psychosis. 

For now, though, let's concentrate on how awesome my new room is. Since my basement room was dismantled and de-walled when I moved out in September, I had to move back upstairs. But, my parents and their friend Sue cleaned and re-painted my old room, and when I brought my great grandmother's furniture in, the room took on a life of its own. I've never liked blue paint before this year, when I inexplicably fell in love with shades of Robin's egg. I don't understand the sudden blue love, I do love this place.

The room color is "babbling brook" by Valspar.

Antiques and Ikea. Story of my decorating life. 

My reading corner. So excited to stare wistfully out the window.

Woo, vanity times. Hopefully this will encourage me to shower and wear make up and not look like a zombie.

Morning Encouragement

Another form of morning encouragement

Maybe one day I will grow out of indoor outdoor patio lights and paper lanterns.  No promises.

I've become one of those women who hang up "Goal Clothes," ie. I want to this to fit me better someday.

I found out I can stream Amazon instant videos through my Wii. Life is forever changed. 

The tiny closet is going to take some getting used to. Basically, half my clothes are under my bed.

Morning encouragement is encouraging. 

The next 6 months should be pretty comfortable (provided I can fix the low-flow shower head). Plus, I'm now able to pare down on all my shit that's just clogging up boxes and closets and every useless corner. Also, being able to sock away 90% of my pay checks for the next few months is going to kick so much ass.


And now I'm off to go tromp in the surprise snow storm that's going on. I love waking up at 5:45, taking a shower, and then finding out that the Federal Government is closed. But hey, I'll take a snow day any way I can get it.

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Katherine Goff said...

It looks so peaceful!!!

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