Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blackie the Hippo, RIP

Last week, Leah alerted me to the passing of a glorious, but somehow lesser known American celebrity: Blackie the Hippo of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Mr. Blackie was born on a Game Reserve in Tanzania in 1955. At a little over one years old, he was captured, crated, and shipped to the booming cultural metropolis that is Ohio, where he grew to be 3,700 lbs of zoo-tastic Hippo sensation.

dat face

Humanely euthanized at the ripe old age of 59, Blackie was believed to be the oldest living Hippo in North America. Not many animals get to set a record in their lives, and to spend at least 58 years of that record setting life spraying poo against the walls in front of squealing children is just delightful. He even sired 3 sons while in captivity (way to go!), which was a real shot in the arm to the Hippo Community. In 2008, he was officially retired, and spent the last 6 years of his in a private, heated tub, eating and sleeping to his heart's content. Not too shabby.

Son of Blackie

Oh Blackie, even though you were more brown than black (seriously, what a missed opportunity for a name, Cleveland Zoo), you were a majestic creature. A true "river horse." I hope you're happily spraying walls of Hippo Heaven with poo.

Blackie enjoys Pumpkin Spice on his 50th Birthday

RIP, Blackie the Hippo. Cleveland, and the world, mourns a favorite son.

(ps. Seriously, have you seen a hippo pooping? it's gross.)

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