Monday, March 4, 2013

Pop Quiz!

Do you know what writers do?

That's correct--they write!

Do you know what good writers do? 

Yes, correct again--they write all the time!

Do you know what this writer does?


Incase you haven't noticed by now, I don't have a flair for significant entries. I like to stay in a nice, comfortable range of "why my depression is more embarrassing than yours," "this is why I'm broke,""here's some out of focus camera phone shots of food or people you don't know and who I don't introduce," and "I'm changing my life. Again. For realsies this time."  I don't have anything important to say. But I do have a lot of cute pictures of my pets. And a lot of #gpoy time.

Lately though, my writer friends have been little furies of productivity (check out my friend Tini's recent piece at She's ba-mazing.) and it's making me feel semi-inspired to sit down at the keys and pound out some words. My white board is full of ideas that I haven't started yet, but that I'm dying to get cracking on. Every time I get a moment though, there seems to be a million other things to do: bills to break down, work to finish, chores to do, phone calls to make, Teen Mom 2 to watch, sleep to be had (priorities), etc. Woe is me, life is so hard, so forth and so on.

I haven't completed an essay since August. I feel like I get exhausted and frustrated half way through a 5 sentence blog. I feel like the ambition and motivation is there, just brimming under something that I can't shove through. Alas, the hardest part of getting back on track once you've de-railed is lifting up the train. This shit won't right itself. Write itself? I'm a genius.

March is for Productivity. Essay generation. Novel Editing. Righting that fucking train. Marching Forward.


So I'm going to verge on this new territory of controlled uselessness. New essays will be posted here every week guys, starting on Thursday.

Until then, here's another exceptionally cute picture of Bill Purray, resident hermaphra-cat:

on that note, time to catch up on some more sleep.


Kim said...

Perhaps you really want to be a photo journalist?? a photo essayist??? and BTW - Where's Billius's head in that last shot??? It sucks to grow up. You'll find your way.

Katherine Goff said...

Join a writing community! With Me! Me and you! we'll hang out and write! Or just bitch about work and drink wine. Same thing really?

Tini said...

I just noticed this shoutout. Thank you boo!

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