Wednesday, March 6, 2013


One of things that's awesome about living in a state with humid, subtropical climate is that you get some awesomely unpredictable weather. Like a completely random snowstorm in the beginning of March.

Usually these storms stay west of us and hit the mountains the hardest. But today, most of Northern VA got at least 5-8 inches. That's pretty substantial, considering the last two winters have only sneezed snow at us. So I got the day off, because the government got the day off. Unfortunately, though, I only had about 2 hours of work, so I'll have to make up my hours somehow (boo, adult jobs and contract work).

So far, I've napped, re-watched John Adams, did a bunch of free writing, eaten all the fatty foods, and tormented Bill Purray by giving him his first snow experience. It's been a cozy day.

snow on my wolf hat!

Commanders Grump n Fuss

he was decidedly not a fan.
In fact, he's still grumping at me

Hats McKensie!

Happy Snowquesteration!

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