Monday, February 18, 2013

My Big Fat Photo Dump

Here's a veritable smattering of what this year has looked like so far:

deck hooligans in Sydney

Bill playing the World's Most Dangerous Game:

tiny Tai party

Grey, master of strategy, outlining his Star Wars battle
lace boners
indoctrinating Grey into the Brunch Club
waking up in Baltimore and finding the background on my phone had been changed to something criminally adorable

pretentious selfies on dusty computer screens

bohs and bros 

my morning commute is awesome
awesome new shirts
Big Boy Lance is 30!
monitor lizard (seewhutididthar)

newly framed bedroom art
awesome toys

Daron is my prom date
why do we always think Kings is a great idea?
I'm a role model

Lucy Burrito

snowy Sundays at Camp Bed Fortress
why, hello there.
some days aren't complete until you wear your Michael Jackson boots
world's best latte (also, the douchiest photo I've ever taken. That says a lot, I know.)
the results of accidentally filling your water bottle with hot water from the machine: instant melting.
wee sleepy Ms. Purray
  A Young Jedi Trains

oreo frying party

Robert, my hoodie-footie ambassador
cards against humanity, ie. the world's most perfect game

 oh, and my newest MS Paint victory:

What's your year looked like so far?

1 comment:

Kim said...

Nice!!!! I like a gal who can post more cat photos than me!!!! ARGHHHH I CAN'T PROVE I'M NOT A ROBOT!!!!

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