Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm alive! Sorta.

Hello, blog!

Remember when I used to update with a vague sense of regularity? Me too. It was nice. We were all pals. Dinner failures, MS Paint shit, writing progress, everyday anecdotes? Good times.

Now, bear with me, because this is going to get really, well, douchey, but it's actually something that's bothering me and I'm not quite sure how else to deal with it. Basically, this blog and I are growing apart, and we've been taking some time to figure out our differences and become better and stronger for one another. We've gotten past the anger, gotten past the texting each other late at night when we're drunk and lonely phase, and we're now at the "let's tell our friends we really aren't seeing each other anymore" phase.

It's only been three years since I started this blog, but I've undergone a lot of change in those three years. And there's even bigger changes on the horizon. And I just don't know if who I am now fits who I was when I launched. I can't purge this and move on, because it'd be like throwing out my baby book or a beloved scrap book, but I've been ruminating on how I'm going to proceed.

Just know, we're working on something good. And we'll always be pals.

In the meantime, here's a picture of a baby pig falling asleep while eating an ice cream cone.


To my lovely and concerned readers:
a) sweet baby piggy is not falling into a diabetic coma.
b) I'm not quitting the blog-o-sphere!


Katherine Goff said...

That pig is tired.

Also maybe you can make a new blog (or transition this one) as a story of you preparing for Australia, and then you moving to Australia, and you coping with the craziness and emotions of living in another country full time! I'd read the shit out of that blog, especially if it involved pictures of the city and beach and stuff.

Kim said...



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