Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's New [P-word] Cat?

What up!

I've been reported to the blog-o-sphere for criminal neglect. I can't believe I'm going to round out the year with fewer than a hundred entries. OR WILL I? Time will tell on that one, guys.

After a mostly exhausting year, it's been an exciting and busy, busy fall here at Camp Audrey Kosher. I cut my hair off, dyed it blonde, moved out, went to Germany, submitted a winning proposal, got a mini-promotion, couldn't afford blonde hair so I dyed it red, and spent a month gallivanting and adventuring with my favorite Australian. Oh, and I finally watched the finale of Breaking Bad. And I put up that shelf in my bathroom. BIG EXCITING THINGS.

  • Joel. Joel and I spent a mind-blowing week in Brooklyn, and capped it off with a weekend in the Hamptons (we bought art and saw Ina Garten!). Then I took him on a grand tour of the MD-DC-VA area, which included a lot of him sitting alone at my house while I was at work because there's no public trans in my area (thanks, Francis!). Our time together was nothing short of mind blowing, and warrants a whole entry just for itself. Dropping him off at the airport earlier this month was like getting kicked in the heart, and resulted in a lot of sweat pants and couch hangs and watching TLC feel good reality programming. I mean, more so than usual. I can't wait 'til I can see him again.    

  • Breaking Bad (no spoilers). Who here was dissatisfied and maybe even disappointed with the series finale? Am I the only one? I guess I expected more. I've discussed it with a lot of people, and had it "explained" to me, but it still leaves me wanting more.

  • Teen Mom 3. Per usual, MTV followed 4 excellent life decisions on their rocky road to motherhood. While this season wasn't without its emotionally retarded baby daddy's, unbelievably naïve baby mamas, drug addicts, absentee fathers, over-bearing mothers, cop appearances, court rooms, door slams and screaming fights, it was just meh. For a franchise that wasn't very well made to begin with, the TM3 installment hit a dull note. The cast bored me to tears--or rather, my fast forward button (Briana, snoooore), the editing was atrocious, the "staged" moments were incredibly obvious. So I'm not surprised/sad that it was canceled. Could it be that the voyeuristic magic white trash child bearing has lost it's charm? We'll find out after Teen Mom 2 season 5.  

  • Mary Kate Olsen. I have a serious love/hate relationship with the Olsen Twins. But have you seen pictures of her and her boyfriend? He looks like a French Tom Hanks, is about 45 years older than her, 8 feet taller, and is Captain Creepy PDA. Anyway, I'm oddly preoccupied with their relationship. Here's a picture of him with MK and his daughter.
        What an odd looking couple. I bet they smell like Marlboro reds and Drakkar Noir. amirite? 
  • Work. Work is good. I'm in the running for "Best Door" in our Holiday Door Decorating Contest. Sheeeit.

           My theme is "Shit I found on Clearance at Walgreens + Dragons"
  • In the kitchen. I haven't been doing any exciting cooking or baking, and it's actually making me a bit sad. However, in Lazy Cooks News, I made my first batch of curry chicken and vegetables last week, using curry from the jar, and it was so. damn. good. Even if it smelled up my fridge. And even if I forgot about the extra vegetables, and after a few days, they started to go bad. I discovered this last night when I opened my fridge and the smell knocked me off my feet. Then, when I opened the tupperware to throw them out, it was like a stink bomb went off. My entire house smelled like decaying onions for a good few hours, even after opening the windows and putting out coffee beans everywhere. /vomit
  • Ugly Christmas Sweaters. I won first place!
  • My Sister's Fetus. Mary announced that she's expecting. Yay! The sonogram image looks  like a guinea pig. I love it already.
  • Baby Crazy. I know too many pregnant women at the moment. I think I've contracted baby crazy. /gasp
  • Writing. I don't know how to do it anymore. We'll work on that.
  • Cookie Exchange. My mom asked me to go with her to her Ladies Club Cookie Exchange, so I said yeah, I like cookies. So my mom baked for about 22 hours over the weekend prepping, culminating in about 300 cookies: snickerdoodles, pretzel chocolate yum yums, and 60's era thumb prints (I'm not sure what the real title of those last two cookies are, but I do know they're addictive. I'm going to post the recipes later). And I could have eaten every single one. BUT, when we got to the exchange, I collected about 5 lbs of delicious cookies, and have been making my way through them. Oh, man, I love cookie exchanges. And this Ladies Club has a Book Club. And they're going to start playing Bunco. I might need to join.

Above left, the 60's era thumb prints, which are time consuming to bake, but are miraculous.  Above right, my cookie haul. Nommmmm
  • Christmas décor. I put mine up this year, and besides waking up every morning with ornaments in my bed (thank you, Bill) I love it. Will get more into it more in the years to come.

That about sums it up for me. What have you been up to? Who have you been stalking?  

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