Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Back in the Spirit

It seems like the Christmas spirit is really draggin' ass this year. Judging from all the holiday shit-talk conversations I've heard and most of the posts I read, people just aren't feeling it this year. I understand, because I don't think I've been into Christmas for the last... decade? Maybe?  But this year is different. I'm flush with cheer and good tidings and Santa like urges. Perhaps it's the 4 days I get off this week. Or maybe it's because I finally put up holiday decorations. Whatever the motivation, I'm all about Christmas this year. I did all my Christmas shopping in about 22 hours yesterday, and I'm almost done wrapping shit. Sheeeit.

But, going back a couple sentences, and speaking of décor (wow, three needless transitions at once!), Kristin came over for the first of many Grandma Nights and we made a Gingerbread House. What's a Grandma Night? It's a night when we gather to pay respect for the great ladies of yore by wearing sweat pants and doing Grandma crafts like knitting, sewing, crocheting, baking, drinking cooking sherry and complaining about kids and health insurance and other things that frighten us. And what's so special about a gingerbread house? It's the first one I've ever made.

We didn't build ginger bread houses when I was a kid. Probably because my parents had 4 kids all doing different things at one time, and since my parents both worked while corralling us full time, they were exhausted. But, as I've learned, gingerbread houses are magical. I'll admit I was a little un-excited to make it. I was tired and grumpy and felt like my grandma craft should be drinking wine and complaining about things. Kristin had brought over a bevy of decorations and ginger bread pieces, and we got hard to work making a gingerbread house for every psychologically deranged cookie man in the world. Much fun. Once I started "gluing" shingles and gum drops and peppermints, I was instantly 5 years old again. Except this five year old was making "just the tip" jokes with her friend as they pinched the icing bag. (that whole sentence is terrible.) We made a giant mess. It was so worth it.

candy traaaay. 

Kristin's side

My side

The front. Kristin made the monster wreath and it slays me.  Sleighs me? ha, I'm brilliant.

The back, complete with "poop shoot" i.e. we built the chimney wrong so just put it on the back.

Nomasaurus Rex vs. The Gingerbread House

The next morning, there were only a few casualties and minimal roof sliding. 

So yeah, it's Christmas Eve. I have the spirit! And I also have about 4 more presents to wrap, and then I'm packing up good Sir Purray and heading to my parent's house. Tomorrow, I hope to eat my monthly caloric limit in one meal, drink mimosas, and hang out watching Harry Potter with my family. There's a lot to celebrate this year, and I'm going to celebrate it by taking a fat coma nap.

Good times.

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