Thursday, October 17, 2013

Time to Breathe (a work story in cat gifs)

When I got back from vacation, I was pickled and sick, but I was looking forward to slowly getting back into the swing of work and life.

Post-vacation: I am that cat.

But, I came back to a company in transition and ended up getting a mini-promotion. And one thing I realize now is, I never appreciated my job as an admin until I was made a manager.

I am that cat.

Between the 10/2 to 10/15, I worked close to 100 hours. That's a lot of work time, reviewing and preparing the same 143 page document and two 130+ page attachments. This was my first time acting as a manager. It was a big deal. That freshly signed lease I have was encouraging me to do all that I could not to fail.  So I feel like I've been on edge all month; working late, not sleeping well, missing social obligations and getting snappy and overwhelmed every 36.2 seconds.

I am that cat.

I more than likely made a bigger deal out of it than I needed to, but that's me. With the conditions at work being what they were, it was hard not to make a big deal out of it. And on Tuesday, when I shipped off that 75 lb. box of work, I felt a huge weight lift off of me. But, yesterday at work, otherwise known as "the morning after," I felt this... huge void. For two weeks, I had worked super charged, super stressful 10-12 hour days that flew by in a meth-head's blink. And then suddenly, nothing. It was like going warp speed for years and coming to an abrupt halt. I couldn't comprehend that now, hours were taking, like hours to pass. Further, I couldn't comprehend that I actually missed the stressful, fast flying days. That I was starting to like the managerial role and the time management and the always having something pressing to do. My brain turned into pudding.

I am that cat.

I sat at my desk in a daze. Eventually, my boss came in to talk to me. Since I volunteered so much time (boo to not being able to accrue overtime) and worked on a Federal holiday, he decided to give me the next two days off.

Hello, 4 day weekend! 

I am that cat

Yes, I have come to that point in my professional life where a 4 day weekend is just the best thing that could ever happen in the history of ever.  Oh, who the fuck am I kidding, 4 day weekends are always goddamn amazing. Especially when they're unexpected and paid for. Hell yeah.

I am that cat. ya'see?

I want to get all sorts of productive things done, like dismantling Mt. St. Laundry Pile, catching up on Boardwalk Empire, finally taking a shower, and unpacking my rooms upstairs. But, that's the dream. The reality will be somewhat sleepier.

I am that yawn.

Welcome back to the world, Audrey. And work, let's please be better next time.

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