Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Beer Fest Best Fest?

Last week, I went to Munich and Stuttgart, Germany for Oktoberfest and Volksfest. That's the #1 and #2 biggest beer festivals in the world. Our group did both 'fests in 5 days.

Holy. Shit.

That was a lot of beer. 

Ok, here's the part where I make myself sound like a bit of an alcoholic, so Mom and Dad, just skip ahead to the pictures. 

I'm a big a drinker. (shocker!) But, I've significantly toned it down this past year. Nowadays, I don't drink more than one drink by myself. At brunch or the occasional happy hour, I'm having 1 or 2 drinks where before I'd have 4 or 5. However, parties and vacations are veritable booze playgrounds where I forget that I'm older and more than 2 drinks all but guarantees a hangover. 

With that being said, I was worried that after a liter of beer and half a chicken, I'd be too full drink anymore. I was concerned that I wouldn't like the beer because I have such a gutter pallet. I mean, yeah, Natty Boh and Miller High Life are in my top 5. I'm a classy bitch. And, I kept thinking about my horrible hangovers and how they'd be especially detrimental to this trip.

But, I think I did pretty well for myself. The first night, I think I made it to 4 liters. I think I managed 2-3.5 on the rest of the days. I say think because once the Frau started bringing the beer, I lost track. And those Fraus brought a lot of beer. And we found late night food stands that served McDonald's or kebabs or greasy pizza, so I managed to stave off the hangover curse. Success all around!


In addition to drinking a lot of beer, we had a lot of fun. Super fun, jah! I butchered the German language (but I can count to 5 and order food now!), puked in public, made random German friends, went to a German porn store (why? uh, why not?), ate a big mac, or "Grosse Mac" at midnight, rode a ferris wheel, spoke French with a Polish carnie, figured out the German train system on my own, ate lots of German food I never thought would be delicious, like sourkrout, liver soup and Steckerlfisch, wore a dirndl, drank wine on a balcony overlooking Stuttgart, saw a glass blowing demonstration, grew accustomed to mineral water, and basically had an amazing time. Except for that one night I had mind melting anxiety attack, it was quite the trip. 

And even though I came home with fun souvenirs like a bladder infection, sinus infection, and blisters, I'd do it again.

I got to Munich first, so I spent the morning walking around Marienplatz, touristing up the Glockenspiel and the food markets.

Turnerfest! Turnerbund!

inside the Hofbrau hall. Contrary to what I expected, it only vaguely smelled like beer and feet. More like fantastically cooked meat and fresh bread.

The first round

Oktoberfest was basically beer halls in the middle of a state fair. Awesome. 

Life changing chicken. Seriously. It was the best I've ever had.

Scott and James Van der German, our new best friend

Table dancing. Yes, I did partake! 

I rode the ferris wheel! And it was only mildly terrifying. 

Midnight McDonald's

our hostel in Stuttgart had a killer view of the city. Too bad that killer view meant walking up a mile of stairs later that night. #deadlegs

the look our livers--nay, bodies--were giving us by day 4

And no fucks were given.

Volksfest is a more locals-only venue. It's 2nd to Oktoberfest, but it felt bigger and had more things to do than Munich. 

There was an old German village section with glass blowers, hand made crafts, and the best food, ever. And gnome tits. 

"Shot" Skasick. He was a little too good. I guess all that time playing HALO has paid off.

Volksfest! There were so many rides and roller coasters and carnies

This guy was hilarious. He made us kiss this kitten on a rocking horse toy, and gave us all princess bandaids to wear so we could be in his gang. I think here, Scott is telling him the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek

The mob line for the women's room. Also known as "why I have a bladder infection." At one point I had to elbow/shove a lady out of my way who cut me in line and tried to jump in a stall before me. Elbow/shoving a drunk German woman in a dirndl in a bathroom mob is the ballsiest thing I've ever done, btw. 


I have a billion more pictures that I'm going to put on Facebook later today. If I get around to it. haha, wahhh uploading pictures is so exhausting. 

I'd love to go back to Germany and do more sightseeing. I was bummed I had to leave while the gang was headed to Baccharach and the Rhine river valley. One of these days I'll get back there.  

But now, the time is back to work, which is decidedly less fun than Oktoberfest. But hey, at least I'm still able to work. I mean, for the time being... ugh. #shutdown2013

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Katherine Goff said...


Also classy, intellectual Kate looked at those pictures of Octoberfest and kept thinking of how much it looks like Busch Gardens. So maybe I can go to Busch Gardens and have just as good an experience? RIGHT?!

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