Monday, June 16, 2014

Mary's Having a Baby!

In my quest to be the laziest blogger ever, I've taken extreme care to only mention once that my sister is pregnant with her first wee Hartbarger creature. And now that she's about 4 weeks from poppin' the ol' uterine sac (yeah!), I think it's time I mention this event in somewhat bigger detail.

The great with child Mary on Mother's Day

When Mary and Lance announced at Thanksgiving that they were expecting, I was shocked. Mostly because I'm still in high school and my initial reaction when anyone tells me they're pregnant is OMG WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? And then I reign myself back in and remind myself that the person talking to me is married, in their 30's and has a job. I didn't know they were trying to have kids, as they had just celebrated their first anniversary with a delayed honeymoon (hey, honeymoon baby!), and were still navigating early marriage. But, after a few seconds of "you're what?!", I realized my sister is having a baby, and I got so happy that I cried at the table.

I'm really over the moon excited to meet my new little nephew. Credit it to the great Biological Clock Thaw of 2013, or my frothing uterus (another great image!), but I can't get enough of the baby stuff. I feel bad now, thinking back to when my brother Shayne and his wife were having Grey and Neve, or when Cara and my other friends were having their babies, because I was extra baby-phobic and extra wrapped up in my own shit. I was more of the "let me know when they're born and if you need someone to come clean your house for you" type. I could gush over pictures on Facebook, and watch Grey and Neve for little bits of time, but other than that, I couldn't handle kids and babies and new mom hysteria.

But, things are different now. I Google baby clothes and accessories. I talk parenting strategies with my parent friends. I had jittery Christmas morning feelings on the day I woke up to help Mary set up her nursery. I get all sappy thinking of visiting and just hanging out with newborn Henry. I'm thinking about babies non-stop, and it's only a little frightening. But not as frightening as breast pumps. What the hell.

"This hands free milking bra gives me so much more time to Pintrest
all things I'll force my nanny staff to make for me." or "Hi, I'm a stock
model and this world doesn't exist."

My feelings about pregnancy are different this time, because this time, it's Mary. This is my big sis, who's always been a mom to me: feeding me, giving me money, buying me perfect presents, giving me the shirt off her back, etc. And now that she's going to be an actual mommy, it reduces me to a pile of happy-nostalgic-spongey like feelings. I'm so excited for her, and for Lance, and for all whirlwind of change that's coming their way.

Also, you know. I'm really excited to hold a newborn again.

So stay tuned for more baby-centric-new nephew updates!

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Mary Hartbarger said...

I am glad you are excited! Lance and I are already planning the first time you babysit!

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