Thursday, May 22, 2014

Something to Celebrate

Yesterday, Joel and I celebrated the day I lay sprawled out on Kristin's living room floor, drank an entire glass of rum and proceeded to spill my heart, drop all my cards, and admit that I liked him and only him and asked him to be my internet boyfriend. He laughed and said no, but he'd be my real life boyfriend. We were Skyping, but it felt, the way it feels each and every time I see him through that 12" inch screen, like he was in the room with me.

A lot of people didn't and don't understand why I'm in a longest-possible-distance-ever relationship. But then again, who cares? Every day I'm thankful to be with someone I revere, who I love like a best friend, and who I adore as a partner. Everyday I feel lucky. Every day I feel like everything I've been through has been worth it. 

Happy anniversary, love butt. Here's to many more years of late nights, inside jokes and weird, wonderful adventures. Now let's go eat pizza and judge people. :D


Anonymous said...

I look at you through a 21" monitor. It's so big and bright just like you are in my life. Sausage and pepperoni, love?

Audrey Turner said...

Pizza dates for life <3

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