Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Victories

"Oh, sorry, wouldn't want to compromise your blog-tegrity."

We declared multiple VICTORIES on the basement this weekend!  

DESPITE the 80* weather in April. 
DESPITE my lack of carpentry "skills."

but most importantly,

DESPITE the tsunami of uninvited hormones that tried to make me into a weepy hot mess. 

First Victory*: Scream 4 killed the Scream movies for Addie

still not scary.
We had passes to the Scream 4 premiere on Friday, and since it's Addie's favorite childhood franchise, we both played Media Black Out for all the publicity and trailers that were released. We both assumed, that with a "New Decade, New Rules" tagline, that the movie wouldn't end in some explosion of exposition, revealing an over-worked plot riddled with terrible dialogue and predictable killers, giving enough time for insufferable Sydney to think of a lame one-liner and even more lame way to dispatch the villain (always twice, because they always come back after you kill them).


Not only did it happen during the "big reveal," but then it happened AGAIN in the completely unnecessary SECOND ending. 

It was just... yeah. A sloppy attempt to re-invent a one-time innovative slasher series. However, now Addie is freed from the bonds of fandom. Huzzah!

*Addie wanted me to note that he does not consider this a victory. "If PS3 would let me edit the blu-ray so that I could cut out the second ending, it'd be a good movie, and the series wouldn't be dead to me." As it is, I suggested we go out and bury his original special edition box set of the first 3 movies.

Second Victory: Kitchen Organization

We FINALLY conquered our kitchen. And by that, I mean, Addie put up our peg board, so we could hang everything, Julia Child style. 

Now, everything is at my finger tips when I pretend to cook!

woo, organization!      

Third Victory: Closet, re-claimed from Demons!

I attempted to finish the closet on my own, but frustration and a lack of carpentry knowledge led me to watch Black Swan for the 800th time while Addie fixed the mistakes I made. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to use a POWER DRILL to put a SHARP SCREW into a WOOD PLANK? 
It's apparently super hard. I tried for 40 minutes and didn't get anything accomplished. I don't get physics. Or DIY home repair. Or Bob Vila. 


REGARDLESS. I now have a high functioning, Demon-free closet.

on the left, PRETTY CLOTHES. on the right, angry bee tube/dryer vent. also, storage boxes.   

Fourth Victory: Indian food!

I made tika masala, jasmine rice, punjabi vegetables, lentils and naan for dinner tonight! 

No, nothing was made from scratch. But I did have to make the masala from a sauce packet. And I had to be careful not to burn the naan. Or over cook the mircrowaveable stuff.

But damn. it was still all kinds of delicious. 

Be jealous of our classy dishware.

I'd like to one day learn how to actually make an Indian dinner, but for now, I'll take this cost-effective, 15 minute awesomeness.

Fifth Victory: Sam's Club memberships

Fuck yeah. BULK BUYING HERE WE COME AMERICA. We definitely spent an hour walking around, eating free samples and making lists of ridiculous bulk items we could buy.

"Gallon cans of sausage gravy?"
"Serta Queen size mattresses?"
"3 gallon tub of salted popcorn butter sauce?"
"17 lbs of dehydrated salmon puree?"
"36 CUPCAKES FOR $12???"

It'll be fun. and trouble.

Alas. It's 11:33 on Wednesday and I'm pretty much ready for bed. Probably because I OD'd on Indian food earlier and my food coma still hasn't worn off. It's been a struggle to finish this blog. This is me, basically:

dedicated blogger.

Tomorrow, Addie and I start our WE CAME HERE TO WRITE shut-in mode. 


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